Epic 12′ers

12 Dec 2012 In: Love and Happiness, Misc. Craps

In an effort to do something strangely iconic on this day, I’m sad to admit I failed at getting a marriage certificate with 12/12/12 stamped on it. 

Also failed at taking that awesome family photo featuring the digital clock at  12:12 pm in the background.

No, none of these happened.

But I can’t say it was a total wash.  Time is already man made, so my obsession with its 12:12 symbolism was indeed a waste of “time”.  

With that being noted, yes; 12:12 on 12/12/12 will NEVER come again.  But, neither will 12:19 on 12/12/12 or 12:36. 

My lesson learned, actively treat each moment as its own symbolism to do great things, and not necessarily because the numbers look epic on a digital clock.

Either that, or I still have time to find a man real quick to marry and get that “iconic” marriage date.

hmmmmmm, time is ticking.

Why can’t I get a Man?

11 Nov 2011 In: Love and Happiness

That is the question that I desire to answer for women.

My book is complete but I need ANSWERS from women who have bad relationship experiences yet survived them.

Share Your Story

and help a woman who needs to hear it!

Oh, the things…

20 Mar 2011 In: Misc. Craps

Art by Kinzi

I love to blog….but I don’t. Not nearly as much as I’d like. “ADD” that to the list of 100 things I’d LOVE to do. Did you catch that?

I have recently discovered that I…mom of 6, dashing, and outrageously magnetizing, may indeed have Adult ADD. I’m like…what?

That would explain SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for me.

Well, I will try, seriously try to keep you informed on this news.

Happy Sunday!

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